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Running Kolibri and its programs in other OSes
  • For FASM, taken/not-taken statistics for branches can be collected just by overriding jcc/jcxz/jecxz, something like this:

    Code: Select all

    macro redeclare_jcc [cc]
        macro j#cc arg \{
            push    eax
            set#cc  al
            movzx   eax, al
            inc     [stat_table+stat_id*2+eax]
            pop     eax
            stat_id = stat_id + 1
            j#cc    arg
    redeclare_jcc a,b,c,e,g,l,o,p,s,z,ae,be,ge,le,na,nb,nc,ne,ng,nl,no,np,ns,nz,pe,po,nae,nbe,nge,nle
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  • Hi, the clang-conpatibility patch is in the main branch. All available to me tests are passed.

    Dunkaist, please, verify if the patch didnt't break any of your tests.
  • Hi!

    UMKa is ported to Windows, changes are available in windows branch.

    Please verify if the changes didn't break anything for you (all tests I could execute are successful and no workflow change is required).

    Also please note that it makes really big ammount of changes in umka.asm in order to make it compileable both in win32 and linux (pubsym macro is added to mangle names as windows requires).
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  • Hi!

    Just added a new pretty complicated test for FAT32. About to merge it once you approve changes with clang migration in the main branch.

    Once the test is in the new branch we'll be able to be more brave making changes in FAT filesystem implementation.

    The test is on fat32_test0 branch.
  • Hi!

    UMKa is integrated into kernel test system. Since it hasn't been confirmed that the changes made in the main branch was safe for your tests I've created trunk branch that is used in out test system.

    Now all the tests added to the branch will be available on svn.

    Now it should be created some system to run specific tests instead of just going wild and executing whatever is in the test directory.
  • Forgot to mention: now UMKa's main branch works on Windows, thanks to dunkaist for support.
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