RISC-V port of KolibriOS

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RISC-V port of KolibriOS

Post by Nordstelo »

Are there any plans for porting KolibriOS into RISC-V?

I know that KolibriOS remains barely more than an experimental OS / a curiosity at this point but that's mostly because, in the x86 escosystem, alternative OS have always been at disadvantage due the obscurity model / lack of freely available information on new developments (why else would it lack WIFI support in 2022?).

Thing is, you can count on RISC-V based devices hitting the market quite soon and that software ecosystem is virgin at this point. One of the promises of the RISC-V is to be open and license free, which means documentation on modern hardware will become readily available. So why not take advantage of this historic opportunity to give the world a new and refreshing development path, distinct from the proprietary model of Windows and the chaotic world of Linux?
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Re: RISC-V port of KolibriOS

Post by sober_dev »

1. Lack of funding - developers need money just to exist.
2. x86 and x86-64 platforms are available to everyone, other platforms need to be purchased separately. Emulators can't always help. Let's go back to point 1.
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Re: RISC-V port of KolibriOS

Post by tontransform »

However, the RISC-V software ecosystem is still in its infancy, so you shouldn't expect any RISC-V-based products to be on the market anytime soon. The RISC-V claims to be open and license free, which will lead to more accessible documentation of cutting-edge hardware. Instead of letting this moment pass you by, why not seize it to show the world a new and exciting way to produce software, one that is not based on the closed, proprietary paradigm of Windows or the anarchic ecosystem of Linux?

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Re: RISC-V port of KolibriOS

Post by art_zh »

Linux was built on GNU GCC compiler.
KolibriOS depends (more than 100%) on FASM compiler.
FASM is the essence of this project
please have a look on flatassemler.net and this will answer all other questions
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