Руководство по установке драйверов звука

Drivers for sound cards
  • All audio drivers are in the kolibri image already. If there is no sound then all you can do is to attach debug logs to the corresponding topic.

    Run and close BOARD program to get BOARDLOG.TXT.
    PCIDEV.TXT is saved via a button in PCIDEV program.
    Take a photo of the logs if you can't get these files from kolibri.

    Did you setup sound in any emulator?
  • dunkaist wrote:Did you setup sound in any emulator?
    No. Does it possible?
  • You can choose between VirtualBox and Qemu. Both are available for Windows and Linux.

    I run qemu with this command line for HD Audio codec:

    Code: Select all

    qemu-system-i386 -nodefaults -display sdl -vga std -drive if=floppy,format=raw,file=kolibri.img -drive if=ide,format=raw,file=fat:rw:. -boot a -soundhw hda
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