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 Заголовок сообщения: Hello from Germany
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Hello all.

I thought it would be good to say some words to myself here, before I start posting questions, suggestions etc. pp.
I am 54 years young and live near Hannover. Since 2006, my hobby is retro computing.

Some projects can be seen at: github/petersieg

I revisited KolibriOS now app. 3-4 weeks ago (1st experience was with MenuetOS - app. 5-7y ago) and was trying to register here - but due to reCaptcha V1 issue - could not register :-(

Anyway. Now I am here. In the meantime, I was trying things out. I have several PC and Notebooks here. Have KolibriOS now on USB stick thanks to Rufus.
I normally are working under Linux Mint 19. There I have kex installed, so that I can run Kolibri programs directly unter Linux:

I have tried: tcc (have compiled a simple philosophical sayings like program), C--, MACC1, Basic to Fasm compiler and have now setup DJGPP+menuetlibc under Windows XP.
(Too bad that DOSBox 0.74 under Linux still doesn't support long file names - than DJGPP+menuetlibc would run under DOSBox and no need for WinXP anymore).
With the DJGPP setup, I could compiler fceu + gears (TinyGL).

But my target would be to compile directly under linux - but the questions that I have to this, I will post in another thread.

Also my suggestion for some apps to make them available under KolibriOS, I will put in another thread.

I was very impressed, when I retried KolibriOS now!! I believe, it was a very clever idea (and probably a lot of work!) to make some C libs (like SDL etc. pp) available in Kolibri OS
and allow for cross compile larger C apps like DOSBox, Doom, Quake etc.
I was also very impressed to see the Videoplayer, playing MP4 videos.
Excellent work!

(My vacation starts in 2 days for 2 weeks - so any answer might need this time)


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 Заголовок сообщения: Re: Hello from Germany
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Hello, Peter

Nice to hear that you like Kolibri.
Don't hesitate to ask any question we'll try to help you.


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 Заголовок сообщения: Re: Hello from Germany
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Nice to hear here.

Actual full-featured C compiler is kos32-gcc 5.4 + newlib.

Some of programs / libs already done, such as DOSbox, SDL, Doom, Quake

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