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  • Keep going!
    Check out the Netsurf Web Browser for KolibriOS.
    Read the wiki and happy hacking with KolibriOS!
  • Public key was extracted (Modulus and Exponent).
    I continue to work on RSA :)
    Kolibri <3
  • I am working on HMAC. I hope, that in next few days I will introduce it.
    Kolibri <3
  • HMAC is ready. I am waiting a review from hidnplayr. And will make some corrections. ... r/
    Feel free to check my assembler style :) I am newbie and can make some things in unusual or incorrect way.
    Kolibri <3
  • There are question about 4 spaces before local label: somebody likes them, somebody don't. Anyway, don't forget about anonymous labels (@@:).
  • Thank you. Yes, you are right, I forgot about anonymous labels :)
    The second option is absolutely without spaces before local labels, yes?
    Kolibri <3
  • Yes. Takes few seconds to autoreplace though.
  • I have written new HMAC version (now, it has more convenient interface to use). ... r/
    Implemented pseudo random function which is explained there ... er/
    RSA is almost ready. Last step is combining different parts.
    Kolibri <3
  • I have not written posts for a long time. However work is progressing.
    1) New HMAC.
    2) New Pseudo random function.
    3) RSA is finished.
    4) Client Exchange Message is done.
    5) Change cipher Message is done.
    Now I am going to tidy code slightly.
    Coding plans:
    1) Calculate Master Key.
    2) Implement Finished Message.
    Kolibri <3
  • Basic TLS_recieve and TLS_send were implemented.
    Now, I am going to clean code, write documentation. And make Library easier to using.
    Kolibri <3
  • I've prepared gist about my work durning the summer :) ... 4a81258893
    Kolibri <3
  • Can you go to GSOC site and make report? ASAP, please.
  • Amazing work @DenisKarpenko! I wish you could keep working on it, because this would allow to write applications for web APIs like a simple Twitter app.
    I haven't tested the release but I watched the demo in the Github repository. I have an old laptop where I'm going to install Kolibri and take a look at your implementation.

    How much did Google pay you for your work? Because I want to see full support for TLS on Kolibri but I don't have the time to learn assembler at your level (and I don't really want right now). So, maybe I can pay you (and your mentor?) to keep working on it.

    For the guys that remember me: sorry for not being active. Today I noticed this work from GSOC 2016 and I was "THIS IS GREAT!!" hehe

    By the way, would be great to have HTTPS support on * Whoever is in charge of that may want to check out, because they provide free certificates.
  • Hi esevece!
    Your comments are very pleasant :) Thank you!
    How much Google pays you can read there ... ng_in_gsoc.
    Unfortunately I have some problems at my university, so I am not working on library now :(
    I am going to continue work on library in November. The library will provide full base support for TLS. It should be enough to make for example a simple Twitter app.
    Feel free to ask any questions! I will be glad to answer :)
    Kolibri <3
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