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  • crank123

    You can easily check version history online (no client software needed) using WebSVN
  • I am fully aware of WebSVN. However, WebSVN can be confusing, unappealing, and lacking of functionality.
  • 1. We are not going to switch to GitHub:
    1. GitHub can shutdown our repository without any notification whenever they want in case someone reports it. Our repository doesn't contain any prohibited material, but this doesn't prevent people from reporting it :-)
    2. We use our own auto-build script that triggers after every commit, which requires the sources to be present locally.
    2. You can use GIT instead of SVN if you really desire:

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    git svn clone svn:// -r5000 && git svn rebase
    3. I didn't see any single line of KolibriOS code from you (before your own computer broke).
  • 1.
    a. True
    b. True

    2. True

    3. I WANT to, but I can't. Just because I haven't posted any code yet doesn't mean I won't ever do it.

    Why can't you add into the script a line that also pushes it to a Github repo?
  • crank123 wrote:Why can't you add into the script a line that also pushes it to a Github repo?
    It has no sense, because it would be one-way flow and would break at the first pull request. If you really want the one-way flow, you can just create your own git repository as mentioned above and clone it to GitHub, you could even commit to the project from the original repository, although not from GitHub. If you insist on the official Github repository, you basically require to switch development model from all active developers, without even showing one line of your code.
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  • Mmmmm....Okay...So, I get that the general consensus is no. That means I can create a Github repo for myself to work on. However, merging it back in would be a little tricky. So, I'll just have to wait.
  • Wait for what?
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