(GSoC 2024) NVMe Driver Implementation Status

Devices programming
  • Okay, so during the first half I'll primarily focus on finishing the initialization work, creation of the I/O queues and implementing some of the basic commands such as read, write, reset, to get it to a minimal working state and implement the API for the kernel to access the data on the disk. I'll post an attachment with the disk image as soon as it's complete (or just modify my Makefile to automatically add the driver to the image) so that it can be tested. Then, in the second phase, I can focus on fixing bugs and implementing more necessary features.

    I will try my absolute best to make the driver compatible with all 1.x NVMe controllers, but I'm testing it solely on QEMU for now which uses 1.4, so if you have a older version unused NVMe SSD lying around, I would greatly appreciate it if you could test it to make sure it works on there as well. Obviously, I'm not responsible for any data loss or damage done, so please test at your own discretion.
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