Projects for Kolibrios

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Projects for Kolibrios

Post by Bonuino »

Hi there.

I'm writing some words on my new website. Please, visit it:

There are some projects for Kolibrios.
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Re: Projects for Kolibrios

Post by Pathoswithin »

"Change all source code into freebasic code"

I'm afraid, this will cause severe facepalms and inability to read further.
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Re: Projects for Kolibrios

Post by Valery »

My project:
* Translate into Brazilian Portuguese.
Very good start !
* Modify Freebasic software to compile for kolibrios using FASM.
There is Tiny BASIC port for Kolibri OS, but not used and tested ...
Your task will be rather difficult, bet ... Let's go!
After You finish Freebasic port to Kolibri OS,
You will understand that:
* Change all source code into freebasic code.
* Modify to run Windows XP Executables.
is "chess blunder".
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