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I've searched the forums with no result so (as someone already submitted in MenuetOS forums) i suggest to "keep an eye" on the recently open sourced (under BSD license) WebM codec:

Google has released the On2 VP8 video codec as open source (royalty free, BSD-style), while also launching the WebM container format which combines a VP8 video stream with Vorbis audio. Support for WebM has been enabled on YouTube's HTML5 beta, and you can download patches against ffmpeg as well as DirectShow filters for Windows (Gstreamer plugins are labelled as "coming soon").

You can download patches to apply to ffmpeg, and Google has also made DirectShow filters available for Windows users. There's also an introduction to the WebM VP8 codec SDK, and of course you can get your hands on the code.

The WebM blog
More informations @ Planet Xiph

In a recent & interesting VP8, x264 and XviD comparison by (russian) MSU Video Group (Moscow State University) VP8 - the WebM video codec - performed better than XviD and similar to x264 but with 5-20% lower encoding speed: a challenge for assembly experts like you !!!

Last but not least keep also in mind that Ronald Bultje, David Conrad, and Jason Garret-Glaser, x264 developers, are now creating a native VP8 video codec implementation for the open source FFmpeg project. (Ronald's blog - WebM 3ad @ Doom9 forums).

Hope that inspires !

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