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Hey all,

I'm trying to set up a serious daily use kolibrios laptop. My omnibook isn't here yet, but I have a few questions...

First, are there any out of the box issues I might run in to?

Second, what's the best pcmcia/cardbus wifi adaptor for kolibrios?

Finally, a bit off-topic, but why isn't Atheros supported? Shouldn't it be easiest since the Linux drivers are floss?


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Hello and welcome to the forums,

PCMCIA/CardBus cards don't work in KolibriOS yet.
Some effort has been made but I haven't been able to fully enable PCMCIA bridge in KolibriOS as of yet. (see viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2513)

WiFi is currently completely unsupported in KolibriOS. No drivers exist and there is no support for it yet in the network subsystem.
Once the work on this has been started, Atheros family of WiFi devices might indeed be one of the first among supported devices in KolibriOS.

The 3com Ethernet driver in KolibriOS theoretically already supports the "Megahertz" family of PCMCIA cards, so once PCMCIA bridge initialization work, this device will likely be the first supported PCMCIA card.


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