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This is the furthest thing from a theorem. A theorem is a mathematical statement, proven by a mathematical argument. You made an empirical statement and then provided no empirical data to back it up. And it's patently obvious that not every programmer who ever touched assembly is capable of producing code as highly optimized as GCC or clang, especially in a nontrivial program.Showbox Tutuapp Vidmate

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HLLs designed to solve in realtime things that are cleaner for programmer in designtime. Because of such solving penalty - execution is slower. In final release of HLL products still present rudiments for debugging( and in some java-like HLLs present rudiments for code timings).

And itnithand, I would wish to escape to any HLL from assembly with only one condition: all data should be untyped by default with posibility to be typed, language should be completely opensourced - no linkers, no object files, no compiler directives without source code acessible for manual editing, no macros without sources acessible for manual editing, no meta programming shit - everithing that goes to output file should be controlled by me (I don`t meanyng control for every byte, but I have to be able to replace EVERY sequence of bytes by another sequence, and range of such sequences for replacement should be as wide as possible).
But for now only 2 assemblers matches this condition: FASM & FASMG

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The post of itnithand is a quote from reddit ( ... _than_hll/), it's only purpose is to promote three links at the bottom of his post. It's a spam.

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